I Learn Education is committed to a continuous process of listening and responding to parents. This is both in terms of their child’s learning and development and listening to their views and ideas. We have an open door policy so that parents can always talk to the nursery.

Key Person System

We recognise the importance of each child having a consistent adult to support good attachments.We therefore operate a Key Person System which enables parents and their child to form a relationship with one of the staff team and it is this member of staff that continuously supports and observes their child and notes their progress and development. Staff are available to the parents at the beginning and end of each session to have any discussions and update them on their child’s day.

At I Learn we use an online system to communicate with parents. ParentZone is an easy access communication tool which opens the channels between parents and practitioners to enhance each child’s experience. ParentZone is a smartphone app and secure website which puts a Facebook style timeline of your child’s day in nursery just one tap away. Always.

In an ideal world, every parent and practitioner would have time to have a chat about their children each day at pick up time, but as you know, this is not always possible. Through ParentZone, busy parents can check in and view their child’s daily activities and wow moments at a time that suits them best.


The transition of a child from one part of the nursery to another is carefully planned to ensure that the child makes a successful transfer with little or no stress. We hold transition meetings with parents to ensure they are fully aware and comfortable as their child moves up through the nursery.

Parents Evenings & Workshops

Parent’s evenings are held every 6 months to discuss children’s progress and development. This is based around a child’s ‘profile’ which is a continually evolving record of their progress and development whilst at nursery. It contains daily observations made by a child’s keyworker, samples of a child’s work, parental input and photographic evidence.

At I Learn we hold workshops for parents to attend who may wish to learn how we support their children’s learning and development. For example to develop parents confidence in helping their children with phonics and reading.